see the forest, AND the trees.

Whatever stage you are at, Rogue Media will act as your guide through the wilderness of all things digital. Whether it’s beating a path to your brand’s story, avoiding the pitfalls of confusing hosts, or arriving at the summit of your killer online presence, we will help get you there.

chief yeti

Douglas Campbell is the founder and yeti wrangler of Rogue Media. He leads a team of remote designers and developers who assemble on a per project basis. This allows Rogue to stay lean and nimble, and avoid the high project costs of larger agencies. 

An industry veteran since before the web was cool, Douglas built his first website in the late nineties while studying at the Rhode Island School of Design. More than twenty years later, the web has come a long way but the importance of a solid design foundation and an enjoyable user experience remains paramount.

For over two decades Douglas has helped launch an array of companies, produced online and in person events, published print books — as well as eBook and audiobook versions — run successful crowdfunding campaigns, and sold many thousands of dollars of products online. Basically if it’s digital, he’s done it, and can help you do it too. 

When Douglas is not guiding clients through the digital wilderness, he loves the real thing, and might just invite you on a hike if you find yourself in Southern Oregon.