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Rogue Wins Prestigious Elementor Award

One of Rogue Media’s recent projects was highlighted as one of February’s Elementor showcase winners. Rogue Co-founder Douglas Campbell and Teddy Saunders collaborated on Teddy’s photography site, and it was features as a stellar example of a one-page website. Here’s what the judges said:

“This simple, yet vibrant one-page website exemplifies how to use a subtle, mellow tone to tell a dynamic story. Another monochromatic color scheme, the orange paired with black, white, and the shades in between — balances an atmosphere of emphasized, intricate details within each portrait sample. The entrance animations used for the headings (each one corresponding to the header menu items) adds a layer of excitement to the simple, grey words. The encompassing design effect used for Ted’s site lines up symmetrically with the nature of his profession: taking a single photograph of one person and maximizing its visual impact. “

Check the site out at

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