OK, Which Web Hosting?

So you’re looking for the best web host for a personal website but you’re not sure who to choose? Rogue Media offers our clients access to our own super fast and secure Lightning Web platform — get in touch to chat more about that! — for the rest of you well, we did the research for you! Here are our favorite three services:

GOOD: Bluehost is not the fastest option BUT it does the job and is the classic economy host at only $5/mo (or so) for ONE website. And for around $10/mo, you can add UNLIMITED websites in the future at no additional cost, which is great value. But the unreliable speed is the tradeoff.

  • Go here and then Navigate over to “Wordpress –>Wordpress Hosting” to choose a package.

BETTER:  A2 Hosting’s regular packages share a similar issue to Bluehost BUT their Turbo Boost package fixes this and is a GREAT choice for $10-$20/mo. Besides the speed boost, it includes automatic backups and ability to host future sites for no additional cost.

  • Go here and navigate over to “Shared Hosting” and select Turbo Boost

BEST: WPEngine is fantastic, and while the Startup plan is $25/month just for one website, it is unparalleled in terms of speed, support and reliability.

  • Go here and select their Managed Hosting Startup plan.
NOTE: Whoever you go with: don’t worry about any extra features they try to sell you. Each of their basic hosting packages is all you need, such as email accounts, free SSL and more.

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