The All-In-One Digital Platform for Health Studios & Wellness Businesses

Whether you run a studio or teach online, have a bunch of employees or do it all yourself, we offer the perfect all-in-one website, scheduling, payment & marketing solution that will streamline your business so you can enjoy ease, grace & PROFIT!

What We Offer

When used properly, technology can be a real blessing to our spiritual well-being, but it needs to be implemented correctly to glean the real benefits. It’s time to stop fumbling with platforms and plugins! 

Rogue Media provides a complete digital solution for yoga studios, and other wellness businesses that want to streamline their processes AND increase their bottom line.

Who Is This For?

Whether you’re a one person team OR manage a dozen staff, our all-in-one solution integrates a fully featured website, scheduling system, payment portal, AND digital marketing platform all into one place — so you can focus on the important stuff: growing your business and making your customers happy.

The Problem

Let’s face it, scheduling appointments — and rescheduling them — can be a real drag. What’s more, if you want to provide advanced offerings such as classes & bookings, event registration, membership plans or video courses, you can find yourself jumping between multiple platforms — or even worse, giving up before you start!

The monthly bills, and monthly frustration, can really add up.

...The Solution

Well there’s good news! We offer an affordable solution that makes it easy to do all of this and more 🙂

We’re talking FAR more than just a pretty website. We offer a full suite of advanced features as well as TWO dedicated phone apps: one that helps you manage everything, and another that allows your customers to easily make bookings and access the rest of your offerings.

Now you can have ALL of your offerings, contacts, billing, and management systems in ONE convenient place!

A Fully Featured Website, including: Page Editor, Blog, Newsletters, Landing Pages, Video Hosting & more, PLUS Advanced Features. (See below)

And the best part? We don’t just leave you high and dry, we’ll train you to use the whole thing!

Custom Web Design

Unlike more inflexible platforms, we are able to produce highly customized designs tailored specifically for your brand’s aesthetic.

Advanced Features

1:1 Bookings  •  Group Classes  •  Live Courses & Trainings  •  Pre-Recorded Videos & Programs  •  Event Registration & Notifications  •  Recurring Monthly Memberships  •  Groups & Forums on YOUR Website

…Even a Shopping Cart for Physical (or Digital Products!) plus an Optional IN-STORE POS Payment System!

On-The-Go Access

Customized Phone Apps for iOS & Android for BOTH You AND Your Customers!

Why Rogue Media?

We are lovers of technology AND wellness, because we’ve found that when we work with health-centric clients, it reminds us to get off the computer at the end of the day and go to a yoga class — or a hike, like our founder, Douglas here!

We’ve developed dozens of solutions for our clients, by helping them refine their offerings and streamline their business systems as they move into reliable, recurring profitability. 

We firmly believe that when we put technology to work for us, we can reclaim our time and rediscover the joy and passion we had in the first place 🙂


— Have other questions? Feel free to reach out! —

We offer this system by integration with the Wix ecosystem. The main benefit of this is the available support and overall reliability of the platform. Wix maintains all of the web tools and phone apps which ensures a top notch, always up to date experience.

Our clients always remark how efficient with our time, often getting them up and running in as little as a couple of weeks. It all depends on how ready YOU are. Some clients come to us with all of their branding and just need a website and digital marketing solution. While others need the whole shebang! 

YES! We take great pride in giving our clients the tools — and skills! — they need to be able to run their business. This means both simple stuff such as adding blog posts as well as more advanced things like adding services, events, courses etc.

We’re happy to support you however you need! Some clients like to take the keys and run with it, while others need a little more hand holding, or ongoing maintenance. Either way, we’re happy to accommodate you, and support the progress of your business!

Well, it depends on a few factors. Do you already have all of your branding and copy written? Is all you need a website for bookings? Well, that’s going to require less than a brand new studio that needs branding and copywriting, and that wants to launch with a full suite of digital and physical products. 

The best way to find out is to get in touch with us so we can understand where your business is currently at — and where you want to be!

That’s where it gets really exciting! Once you have your system in place and the technology is working we can begin exploring an ongoing digital marketing plan to help generate leads and increase profit.

Of course this part is completely optional but if you really want to grow your business we are happy to offer packages that include social media mgmt, content marketing digital ads, SEO and much more!

Get in touch today!

Based on 30 reviews
Michael Pellett
Michael Pellett
Nice solution for me.
Neena Barreto
Neena Barreto
Working with Douglas was seamless. He listened to my vision and executed my concepts expertly. I was very pleased with how efficiently he developed my website. I look forward to working with him again!
Nelson Vargas
Nelson Vargas
It is a distinct pleasure to recommend Douglas Campbell to all interested parties. Douglas has been professional, comprehensive, and competent throughout designing, building, testing, and launching the Ellipsis Home website. I feel I have established a relationship with Douglas for years to come. The reaction to our new web site has been overwhelmingly positive; as one commented the site is Fantastic, Profesional, Fast and Reliable. The same can be said for our view of Douglas Campbell's work. -Nelson Vasgas Managing Director Ellipsis Home, LLC
I really appreciated finding a designer that's responsive and motivated, Doug, even when we had differences was responsive and super professional, which meant i was able to end up with the site we needed and wanted🙏🏽💢✨
Natasha Neece
Natasha Neece
Rogue Media rocked my world. My media presence was (and continues to be) improved dramatically. We creatively bridged my two businesses so that they synergistically support each other. This cross pollination is taking my income to a whole new level. I look forward to each session because I know they’ll be productive and exciting. I will continue growing with Rogue Media because it has so much to offer and it’s a pleasure working them. I can’t recommend them highly enough!
Barry Braden
Barry Braden
Douglas Campbell and the Rogue Media Group were pivotal in the development of a web presence for the Jackson County Community Long-Term Recovery Group (JCC LTRG). Douglas work with the JCC LTRG to fully define and refine requirements for the web site that would serve local residents that were significantly impacted by the Almeda and South Obenchain fires. This involved English and Spanish instances of all material, real-time tailorability by the customer after the site had gone live, capability for a regular Newsletter emailed to customers that registered on the web site, and secure donations to the JCC LTRG Fiscal Sponsor, Catholic Charities. Douglas was professional and effective in all meetings, ultimately delivering a presence that even FEMA recommends as an example to other Long-Term Recovery Groups as a high-water mark for excellence.
Tom Sepe
Tom Sepe
Dougie was so great to work with. He understood my needs and was very responsive. I really appreciated that he offered to help me create a logotype, and that sparked a collaboration between us, where I took his initial ideas and evolved them into the logo on my site now (I used to do graphic design so this was fun). His knowledge of wordpress allowed him to take my existing wordpress site and reconfigure it and make it more effective, functional and beautiful. I get a lot of compliments from my peers about the site! I also appreciated getting his customized video tutorial, which walked me through some specific things about my site, and how to create and edit content. Finally, Dougie was helpful and responsive in the final stages, quickly correcting any errors and helping me with my questions. He also have an amazing knack for looking at the big picture and guiding me towards a stronger online presence to support my goals of presenting my best face, and getting more work! Plus he is so positive and caring, it just made the whole process more fun.
Sissy St.John
Sissy St.John
Spectacular website design! Douglas took his time to go over every detail as many times as I needed adding his insightful and creative ideas and advanced innovative techniques to help get my online yoga business off the ground - looking streamlined and professional. I'm so happy that I now have a functional and easy to navigate website! His great patience, clear communication and availability put my mind at ease while we worked together. I was also exceptionally pleased with how efficiently and timely he was able to complete the great scope of work that needed to be done. I HIGHLY recommend Rogue Media for all your web needs. One very satisfied customer 🙂
Tucker Teutsch 3.0
Tucker Teutsch 3.0
Dougie and Rogue Media have been an integral part of our success as a new nonprofit organization working on helping our community recover from a natural disaster. When the fire hit our town, we needed a website with a strong, bold vision that could be put up quickly for our community to rally towards. Rogue Media was incredibly generous and giving and professional, and did our site as a huge pro bono project. Since then, we’ve had a seamless handoff to in-house content creation, numerous trainings by rogue media staff, branding and website structural support, and overall a great working relationship. We can’t recommend Rogue Media highly enough!
Brad Gottesman
Brad Gottesman
Rogue and Douglas were awesome to work with on my website. They listened to what I was looking for and were able share a proposal with a vision that nailed it! Not only did they make my site look good, but they shared knowledge about functionality that's helped me optimize the experience for my viewers since going live. The process was smooth, the work was completed within the timeline and the price was right. I'm very happy and would recommend this team to anyone who wants a professional website built.

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